KIT: Multi USB Charger





Whether it’s a smartphone,tablet or a MacBook -all can be charged at the same time with the powerful KIT 4-Port USB Charging dock. Take the inconvenience and stress out of searching for a wall socket or enough empty USB ports to charge up your smart devices.

Smart Charging Technology

With Smart Charging Technology, each USB Port independently scans your smart device (phone,tablet etc) as it’s plugged in and then configures itself to match the smart device’s specific charging protocol.This optimises the charge capacity for each Smart USB Port and ensures that your device recharges at maximum speed (up to 2.4A)-up to 14% faster than traditional 2.1A USB chargers.

Massive power

One charger offering 4 dedicated USB ports with 2.4A Max output, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time and at top speed.

Broad compatibility

Great news for power sharing with friends or family members, this charger is compatible with all makes of phone, most 5V tablets and other USB-charged devices (except the Asus Transformer). For optimum results, it’s best to use your device’s original charging cable or other suitable Betron high-quality USB charger cable .

4 charging port allows quick, mobile devices simultaneously charge in the UKAuto-detect technology intelligently detects device type and automatically adjusts to its intensive loads a4 x USB ports allow you to charge up to 9.6 A100-240 V / 50 – 60 Hz. Compatible with most USB devices via USB (cable not included)


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